Unique designs and high-quality products from people who care about what they make and customer satisfaction. Woodnfun produce unique designs, Karate belt shelves  for example, that are eminently practical

Dean and Joe are Wood'N'Fun.
Collectively Dean and Joe have forty years of skilled woodworking experience, manufacturing bespoke hardwood staircases of the highest quality.
Experience, That has been put to good use in the setting up of Wood'N'Fun alongside staircases.
A project that arose from the desire to fill a child's simple request 'Uncle Dean, can you make me a cot for my doll?'
The next request was for a 'Spiderman Shelf' and then a 'Football Shelf' Initially this was all produced from a garden shed but as you can see things have moved on a bit since then.



Dolls Cot

How hard can it be? That was Dean's original thought when asked to make a dolls cot for his niece.

The answer of course turned out to be a great deal harder than he imagined.

Not because he couldn't design and cut the shapes. The main problem was that he wanted to bring the same degree of attention to detail and quality of finish that he employed making bespoke staircases.

Several Years and a huge learning curve later Dean and Joe are producing an exciting range of practical but fun items for children.