Karate Belt Display

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

A Karate Belt Display Shelf from Wood'N'Fun serve two functions.

Primarily it serves as an easy visual reference to see what belts you have achieved. And that is important as each belt represents hours and hours of training. First learning the component parts of a move then adding the components together and finally, after countless hours of practice, letting muscle memory take over. You commit and execute the move without conscious thought of what you are doing. In fact the moment you think about what you are doing the sequence or fluidity falls apart, ask any musician, it's a similar thing.

A shelf for storing and displaying karate belts
Personalised Karate Belt Display Shelf

So once you have achieved a few belts they deserve a special place to be stored. Storage being the other function of a Wood'N'Fun Karate Belt Display.

You can go one step further and have you belt display personalised with any name of up to eight characters. why not treat yourself?

Unique Designs

Each and every one of our designs is precision cut on a computerised cutting machine, finished and assembled by hand and then subject to three coatings of a hard, durable child friendly paint.

You can buy them from our site or through Etsy and Ebay or Amazon

Beautifully designed and crafted original toys and novelties for children,teens and adults

All of our creations have been designed to be simple to put together and assemble.

wherever possible fixings have been kept to a minimum and screws and metal things that tiny fingers may get hold of have been eliminated.

Our items are all uniquely designed by Us in house, We have spent many hours perfecting each individual design and we know they work because they have all been tried and tested by nephews and nieces.

Clever Designs

Although deceptively simple in appearance a great deal of thought has gone into each design to ensure that you receive a crafted product that is easy to assemble and safe to enjoy.

We have spent Twenty Years as a Joiner in the Greater Manchester area and specialises in bespoke staircases. Using quality hardwoods that require a great deal of knowledge and understanding to get the best results from a precious material.

We bring the same degree of attention to detail to our individual designs.

As a consumers ourselves we want to ensure that you get the quality, ease of use and fun that you would expect from one of our designs.

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