Superhero Display Shelves

Wood'N'Fun, superhero display shelves offer the ideal solution for storing and displaying that ever growing collection of superheroes.

Our unique designs make the perfect compliment to a superhero figurine collection.

Figurine Display Shelves by Wood'N'Fun

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Far better to have your valuable figurines displayed on a shelf than waiting on the floor to be trodden on. Lets face it children are not always perfect when it comes to putting away toys.

Each shelf has been meticulously drawn out using the latest computer aided design technology.

They are then cut from high density MDF using a computer controlled precision cutter.

Final touches and assembly is by hand to ensure that quality is maintained. You can't beat the human eye.

Every shelf is then spray coated, in our purpose built facility, with three layers of durable, child friendly paint or lacquer, depending on the product.

The end result is a quality product that brings fun into shelves for figurines.

You can buy our shelves from a number of sites other than our own.

Find Wood'N'Fun on Etsy, Amazon and Facebook.

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